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The LMS is used to track course registrations, complete mandatory and online trainings, view training history, certifications, curricula and more!

Access the LMS. To view availability for an LMS Administrator course, please refer to the insructions below and click on the class you will need to complete. The LMS training materials at the bottom of this page are the actual manuals used in LMS classes; feel free to review prior to class to familiarize yourself with the content. Visit the WiTS information page for instructions on how to proceed. Let us know if you can't find the information you need, have a suggestion for improving this page, or found an error.

If your question requires an immediate response, please use the Contact Us form. Operating Status loading Home About Learn about our organization, goals, and who to contact in HR. Find out about insurance programs, pay types, leave options, and retirement planning. Discover resources to have a balanced career at NIH. Resources for training to develop your leadership and professional skills. Access your personnel information and process HR actions through these systems.

Information for managers to support staff including engagement, recognition, and performance.

dhs lms training website

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dhs lms training website

Leave this field blank.We are working with other state agencies and the federal government to ensure services through the duration of the COVID pandemic.

Return to this page for the latest information. Find a complete list of temporary waivers and program modifications. Expect instructions for partners related to actions and process changes through regular communication channels including email messages and websites. Are you receiving services now, or would you like to see what help is available, given the COVID emergency?

Find out what programs and services are available through DHS. To stay abreast of changes and their impacts to people who DHS serves and supports, sign up for email updates. The Minnesota Department of Human Services has temporarily modified procedures to make it easier for people to get, keep and use essential programs including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, which offers monthly food benefits.

In addition to gathering information about the child maltreatment report, we recommended that child protection intake workers pre-screen calls to assess if the reporter knows if anyone is sick or has been exposed to COVID Local social service agencies have discretion where to document these efforts and information. It is advised that information is documented in a location that is easily observable by the assessment worker.

Read more news. The U.

Privacy Training & Awareness

Treasury Department. The Treasury Department anticipates these automatic payments no later than early May. Internal Revenue Service launches web tool for non-filers for stimulus payments April 13, — The IRS launched a web tool for for people who don't file income taxes to be able to enter payment information to be able to receive the stimulus payments.

Some congressional leaders have already signaled their intent to develop a fourth package in the foreseeable future. DHS Commissioner letter to federal legislators March 20, — Commissioner Jodi Harpstead writes to Minnesota's delegation to Congress to offer suggestions needed to help prevent the pandemic from disproportionately impacting the health and economic security of Minnesota's most vulnerable residents.

Public charge determinations U. Read all executive orders. Find preparation recommendations, read the latest updates about virus containment and access resources for employers and health care providers at MDH.

Staff from the departments of Education and Human Services will answer calls from 7 a. Metro:Greater Minnesota: Notice about recent data breaches impacting some DHS clients and employees.

Smith Chief Equity Officer Dr. Where do I receive long-term care? Who needs long-term care? How likely are you to need long-term care? Who provides long-term care?

dhs lms training website

Plan Personal planning Financial planning How much will my care cost What does my existing insurance cover Housing planning How do I stay at home and age in place When I need to move where can I move Advance care planning Honoring Choices Take action Planning for long term care under age 40 Planning for long term care between ages 40 and 60 Planning for long term care if you are between 60 and 70 years of age Planning for long term care needs if you are over age 70 Pay What programs do not pay for long-term care?

What financing options might be best for me? Updates for health care workers, license holders, county and tribal workers, grantees and other program administrators Expect instructions for partners related to actions and process changes through regular communication channels including email messages and websites.

COVID change your situation? Food and nutrition. Health care. Child care assistance.FAI recognizes the challenges associated with classroom training and in-person event cancellations, as organizations focus on continuity of operations. As a result, all Federal Acquisition Certifications FAC and Continuous Learning CL achievement requirements with a current status of February 1,are extended and are considered valid until further notice.

The Office of Procurement Policy has issued a third Acquisition Workforce Flash entitled "Planning Your Career" and provides several tools and helpful hints for career planning.

Tweets by FAIgov. Jump to Navigation. Learn More! Subscribe to Acquisition Today. Stay Connected Connect with colleagues and experts. Instantly follow what's most important to you. Follow Us. Announcements April 13, April 08, April 02, FAI Earns the Bronze!!

November 06, October 03, See More Announcements Listings. Upcoming Classes June 08, June 15, June 22, July 06, July 07, July 14, July 20, See More Course Listings. Twitter Tweets by FAIgov. Preparing Today's Workforce for Tomorrows Challenges.Once a participant signs in or creates an account, they will be brought to a welcome page to select the training they need. Mandatory Reporter Help Guide. Please reference Iowa Code and speak to your employer to determine if your employment falls in the categories outlined.

If you continue to have questions whether your employment qualifies you as a mandatory reporter, please seek legal advice from a legal professional. The Department of Human Services is not able to provide legal advice.

A: No. Effective July 1,DHS is responsible for developing and providing all training for mandatory reporters in Iowa. Q: How do I access the training, and will I get a certificate when I complete it? There will be a pre- and post-test to ensure competencies are attained. Each participant will then obtain a certificate of completion to provide to their employer, which can be downloaded, printed and sent via email.

Please set up a free email address from a provider such as Gmail or Yahoo, etc. A: There is no fee for the 2-hour training or the 1-hour recertification training - they are free for all.

To subscribe to this page's updates, please Log In. Skip to main content. The Department of Human Services strives to achieve this through encouraging reports when abuse is suspected, prompt assessment of these reports, and working with families to assist in providing a safe and stable home environment. Mandatory reporters are essential partners in protecting children from abuse.

As professionals who have frequent contact with children, mandatory reporters are trained to identify the signs that a child may have suffered abuse or neglect. However the law, Iowa Code section Although anyone can report child abuse and are encouraged to do so, mandatory reporters are required by law to make a report of suspected child abuse within 24 hours of becoming aware of the concern s.

Any mandatory reporter who practices in Iowa is required by law to take the Iowa Mandatory Reporter Training. States differ in how they define abuse and any mandatory reporter must be knowledgeable about Iowa Code to practice in Iowa. A: Yes, the system requires you fill in these blanks in order to complete your profile. If you are not DHS field staff and your organization does not require supervisor notification, you can fill these blanks with your own information in order to complete your profile.

COVID-19 Prevention Efforts

If you are a DHS worker, you are required to fill in this information. A: Mandatory reporters for child abuse and mandatory reporters for dependent adult abuse have the same timeframe. Every individual required to report suspected abuse as defined in Iowa Code If your employment qualifies you as a mandatory reporter for both child abuse and dependent adult abuse, you are required to take both trainings and maintain certification for both curricula.

All training participants who successfully complete the training will receive a training certificate. The participant will have the ability to email, download and print their training certificate as proof of training completion. The certification of completion will be retained in the participant's training account, and it can be accessed at any time. Employers who require their staff to provide proof of training should provide clear instructions to their employees on how their organization will track training completion.

Q: Are the child and dependent adult abuse trainings still combined for one 2-hour training?Therefore, implementing a privacy awareness training program so all your employees can actively protect PII is vital. From how to stop phishing attacks to best practices for data management and protection, there are numerous fundamentals involved in securing PII. Listed here are some ideas to help you raise awareness and establish a culture of privacy in your organization.

Congress and the Office of Management and Budget OMB have mandated privacy training for employees, contractors, detailees, interns and consultants at all federal Executive Branch agencies to help staff identify and mitigate privacy risks related to PII.

Privacy training should: 1 inform staff about your privacy risk management framework and policies; 2 inform staff of the role and function of your Privacy Office; and 3 convey the proper methods to safeguard PII to prevent its compromise. A privacy overview can be included in a new hire orientation program. Learning objectives should include understanding their responsibilities as a data steward to identify and safeguard PII, and when and how to report a privacy incident.

Privacy Officers should monitor completion rates and target training resources towards those offices that are delinquent on such training. You can augment privacy training with creative events and activities to promote the ongoing awareness of privacy responsibilities, and help staff identify and mitigate privacy risks. DHS staff surveys show that people like to receive privacy messages all year long, through a variety of distribution channels.

These reminder messages should be short and relevant, and repeated often to help change behavior. Skip to Main Content. Privacy Training Mandates Congress and the Office of Management and Budget OMB have mandated privacy training for employees, contractors, detailees, interns and consultants at all federal Executive Branch agencies to help staff identify and mitigate privacy risks related to PII.

OMB Circular No. Privacy Awareness You can augment privacy training with creative events and activities to promote the ongoing awareness of privacy responsibilities, and help staff identify and mitigate privacy risks.

Ideas include: Email a monthly privacy newsletter with privacy-protection tips. Organize a lunch-and-learn session on privacy best practices. Display posters in elevators, lunchrooms, pantries, and copier rooms. Distribute swag with privacy protection messages, including mouse pads, pens, door hangers, webcam covers, and bookmarks.

Post privacy protection resources on your intranet site.

dhs lms training website

You can also survey your staff to assess privacy policy awareness. Your goal is to reduce privacy incidents over time as awareness increases. Also, be sure to update your training and awareness programs to reflect the most common incident types.

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Emergency Management Certificate Programs. Emergency Management Training Center. FEMA Training. Radiological Emergency Preparedness Training. Specialized Emergency Management Training. Training Registration. Training Consortium Partners.Offered by government agencies, our Training Resources page provides a list of resources where First Responders can obtain training on a wide range of topics including but not limited to bioterrorism, emergency preparedness, and suicide prevention.

Bioterrorism Training and Education The Centers for Disease Control offers training resources related specifically to bioterrorism agents, including anthrax, botulism, plagues, smallpox, viral hemorrhagic fevers and more. Bureau of Justice Assistance National Training and Technical Assistance Center The mission of BJA is to provide policy leadership and assistance that supports criminal justice systems in the effort to achieve safer communities.

Centers for Public Health Preparedness Sinceschools of public health have played an essential role in reaching and teaching the public health preparedness workforce through research, education and training. SPH collaborate with governmental and non-governmental agencies to prepare for and respond to all hazards events including bioterrorism, emerging infectious diseases, and environmental threats.

Chemical Emergency Information for First Responders Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control for local responders providing help in chemical emergencies, including initial responses to letters, packages, or containers containing suspicious powders, liquids, or other materials, medical management, ER procedures, and managing hazardous materials.

The online continuing education courses are free to anyone in the disaster response or information professions.

How to Create an Online Course, LMS & Educational Website like Udemy with WordPress & LearnDash 2019

Emergency Preparedness for All Hazards and Guidebook The Centers for Disease Control provides resources that are intended to help professionals take an all-hazards approach to emergency preparedness. Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters and Severe Weather The Centers for Disease Control provides tools, trainings, and education in response, cleanup and safety that are intended to help professionals in natural disaster occurrences, including earthquakes, extreme heat and cold, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires and more.

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program is a capabilities and performance-based exercise program that provides a standardized policy, methodology, and language for designing, developing, conducting, and evaluating all exercises.

Hydrogen Safety for First Responders Introduction to Hydrogen Safety for First Responders from the Department of Energy is a Web-based course that provides an awareness level overview of hydrogen for fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical personnel.

This multimedia tutorial acquaints first responders with hydrogen, its basic properties, and how it compares to other familiar fuels. The course will include IED anatomy, types, response guidelines, and history. International Association of Fire Fighters The IAFF encourages its members to continuously build their skills and knowledge in their roles as fire fighters, paramedics and union leaders. Lessons Learned Information Sharing The national network of Lessons Learned and Best Practices for emergency response providers and homeland security officials.

Mass Casualty Event Preparedness and Response The Centers for Disease Control provides tools, trainings, and education in both preparedness and response that are intended to help professionals in mass casualty occurrences. National Disaster Preparedness Training Center The NDPTC at the University of Hawaii provides high quality disaster training to ensure that island communities throughout the Pacific are ready and able to respond, recover, and reconstruct after catastrophes.

National Exercise Program Our goal is to help states, cities, towns and villages gain an objective assessment of their capacity to prevent or respond to and recover from a disaster so that modifications or improvements can be made before a real incident occurs.

Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism Mass Casualty Training Online course from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention designed to teach physicians and nurses how to respond locally to mass casualties with potential radiological injury.

Suicide Prevention Resources for First Responders The National Institute of Mental Health provides information on the role of first responders in preventing suicide, helping suicide attempters, helping suicide survivors and helping yourself and fellow first responders. The U.

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Transportation Technology Center, Incorporated The TCCI offers advanced first responder training to government and private sectors in heavy freight operation, along with a new emphasis on security issues, passenger rail and infrastructure integrity research.

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